June - August 2020 (12 weeks)
UX Design Intern

Designing useful presence features that lead to more intimate social interactions.

Over the summer, I worked on Amazon Alexa to drive purposeful and engaging experiences for the 40M+ users on both our Alexa mobile app and Alexa multi-modal devices. My team specifically worked on Alexa Communications, designing social experiences between users involving calling, texting, etc. via Alexa.

Within 8 weeks, I led and delivered end-to-end feature design for Alexa presence interactions - reimagining dull and even invasive presence indicators, to interactions that felt truly useful and intimate. 

As a bonus project, I also worked on research and design for a new, soon-to-be released device. 🤫

Project Context

The problem:
Alexa did not have comprehensive presence indicators (e.g. online, offline, recently active, etc.). Presence indicators have traditionally been limited to one communication feature only. It was buried and hidden, and users did not find it useful. 

My task:
  1. Use this as an opportunity to reimagine what presence expressions could be, 
  2. Make presence actually useful to the users,
  3. Deliver three approaches to the presence feature for the short-term tactical roll-out, mid-term evolution, and long-term vision. (Amazon likes to do incremental releases!)

Process Case Study

Due to my NDA, I cannot disclose the work that I did during this internship. Please contact me for more!