is a senior at Brown, where she spends her time in-between technology, community, and culture. 

Present: HCI Research Assistant at Brown HCI and Facebook Research. 
Prior: UX Design Intern at Amazon Alexa. 


Amazon Alexa design internship experience

Useful presence features that lead to more intimate social interactions.


Easy and playful design that makes responsibility fun for children.

under construction!
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Shell Techworks

Safer and faster task management systems used in outdoor conditions.

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Collaboration and invisible work in the tech industry, via Python notebooks
Supervised by Dr. Jordan Eschler at Facebook Research and Prof. Jeff Huang at Brown HCI. Working paper, to-be-submitted in 2021.

Towards a Critical Study of Computer Science
Qualitatively understanding what it means to study computer science critically. Tying current students’ struggles to computer science’s historical origins. Originally with Prof. Seny Kamara, for CS 2952v. 

Tracing State Involvement in the Development of China’s Computing Technology Industry
Research original policy documents to understand state policies that influenced the growth of China’s information and computing technology industry. Prof. Andrew Schrank, IAPA 1804s.


RISD-Brown Design for America
Led a cross-functional, community-centered reseach and design studio with 30 students from RISD and Brown.

Led a cross-functional healthcare design studio with 20 students from RISD, Brown, and Brown Medical School; plus 4 medical doctor mentors. 

Teaching Assistant 
CS 1951i: CS for Social Change.

Teaching Assistant
CS 1320: Modern Web and Mobile Applications.

Minority Peer Counselor
Helped students of color navigate their first year of college.

Asian-American Heritage Series
Employed by the University to build monthly community events for the campus’ 800+ Asian/American students.


Catherine designs and ships playful
products, with care. ︎